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From office parties to book launches and international concerts, our photographers will ensure that your function gets all the exposure it deserves. With our mobile professional equipment we can turn your venue into a virtual studio, making any function a memorable occasion.


Our centrally located studio features the latest in lighting equipment and themed backdrops including standard black or white infinity walls.

Our selection of props add to the ambiance to create that special moment we can capture for eternity.

Our professional photographers will ensure that every photo shoot is as comfortable an experience as possible, guaranteeing photos that you would gladly show with pride.


A professional portrait by F Stop Photography is a recording in fine art that will be viewed by your children and their children for years to come.

Let us create a flattering portrait using soft lighting and make-up, suitable props and clothing to flatter your every need, and if that doesn’t do the trick let us complete the picture with some subtle editing. Portraits can be taken in-studio or on location and can include the whole family even Fido.

New Born

So your little bundle of joy has arrived. Now how can we not take photos of the little miracles in our lives? Taking photos of newborn babies is not only a pleasure and honour for us but also something that we love to do. So if your little one is ready to get out of the house, we think the first trip should be to visit us in our studio. New born  portraits can be taken in-studio or on location and can include the whole family.